Two Front Doors - $100+

This applies to the majority of cars, trucks and suvs, pricing starts at $100.

Windshield Visor Strip - $60+

This applies to all vehicles, pricing starts at $60.

Sunroof/Moonroof - $60+

This applies to all vehicles, pricing starts at $60, depends on the side of the sunroof or panoramic roof.

Full Car Window Tint - $250

This applies to all cars, and to some of the smaller trucks and suvs.

Full Truck/SUV/Minivan - $300

This applies to all 4 door trucks, larger suvs and to minivans.

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Carbon Series:

SunTek offers two product lines featuring carbon technology: the CXP Series and the Carbon Series. For enhanced performance demands and luxury vehicles, we recommend the CXP Series’ non-metal, nano-hybrid carbon technology.


No matter which series you choose to install, be confident in the tint’s ability to stand the test of time. These films are non-reflective, rich black and backed by a manufacturer’s lifetime limited warranty, including protection against change in color. Both film series block 99% of harmful UV rays.

The difference between CXP and Carbon is that CXP works harder to maintain interior vehicle comfort, with a higher level of solar energy rejection. This translates to better heat rejection which will be a priority for vehicle owners who spend more time on the road, are concerned about interior cracking and fading, or prefer to feel a more significant temperature difference after upgrading automotive glass with window tint. 

Carbon Tint Benefits:

  • Innovative Technology

    Engineered to meet today’s performance demands, with non-metal, nano-hybrid carbon tint technology.


  • Color Change Resistant

    Scientifically formulated for a non-reflective, attractive appearance with protection against change in color.

  • Advanced Protection

    Keeps solar heat, glare, UV and infrared rays at bay for cooler driving comfort and less exposure to fading and damaging effects from the sun.


  • Clear Communications

    Metal-free film won’t interfere with GPS navigation, satellite radio, cellular phones, and other electronic devices within a vehicle.


  • Lifetime Limited Warranty

    These Products are warranted by the Manufacturer against change in color, peeling, cracking, adhesive failure, and delamination. Certain restrictions apply; contact a SunTek dealer or a customer service representative for details.

  • Installation

    SunTek dealers have access to our Core pattern-cutting software to help ensure the film is trimmed to tightly hug the curves of a vehicle's year, make and model.


  • Style - Enhance your vehicle with a custom look

  • Privacy - Darken glass to help create privacy

  • Comfort - Stay cooler and have less glare

  • Health - Help block the sun’s harmful UV rays

  • Interior - Avoid interior cracks and fading longer