In this world, there are a lot of vehicles, and there are a lot of detailers to choose from, why should you choose me over the competition?

I don't hire a group of teenagers to clean your car. When you bring your vehicle to me, your vehicle is being worked on by a skilled detail technician, me. Someone who can restore vehicles to near new conditions.

I use the best products on the market to clean and detail each and every vehicle, I also have  a high powered  steamer that I use to clean vehicles for individuals who don't like those products being used on their vehicle.


I do not have a drain in my shop, therefore I am unable to do car washes, however I am able to provide exterior services to vehicles that are cleaned, such as polishing or waxing.
  • $10 - Tires Shined
  • $20 - Rims Cleaned and Tires Shined
  • $30 - Headlight Restoration (Per light, Add $20 for large vehicles)
  • $60 - Engine Detailing (Add $20 for large vehicles)
  • $100 - Carnauba Waxed (Add $20 for large vehicles)
  • $150 - Compounding/Polishing (Add $20 for large vehicles)


It is the responsibility of the driver to remove all of their belongings before dropping the vehicle off for a detail. Additional charges will apply for any cleaning and organizing of belongings.
  • $60 - Full Interior (add $20 for large vehicles)
Full vacuum including trunk, clean & wipe of dash, door panels, cup holders and trim, windows cleaned.
  • $200 - Full Interior plus Shampoo (add $20 for large vehicles)
Full vacuum including trunk, interior shampoo of floors, carpet mats and seats, clean & wipe of dash, door panels, cup holders and trim, windows cleaned.
  • $50 - Full Leather Conditioning (add $20 for large vehicles)
  • $50 - Pet Hair Removal (per hour)
  • $80 - Headliner Shampoo (add $20 for larger vehicles)
  • $50 - Trunk Shampoo


  • $10 - Aquapel Glass Treatment - One Applicator (Just like Rain-X but it's much better and lasts longer)
  • $20 - Aquapel Installation (per applicator)
  • $50 - Window Decal Removal (per hour)
  • $50 - Vehicle Graphics and Decals Removal (per hour)


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