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SunTek Full Ceramic Window Tint In Oakville

Full Ceramic Window Tint

SunTek’s next evolution in IR-blocking tint lets you stay ahead of the sun’s harsh effects like stifling heat and distracting glare. Featuring proprietary HeatResist™ ceramic technology, Evolve automotive window film targets and helps block one of the main sources of uncomfortable interiors – infrared rays. With amped up heat rejection, our top tint series delivers comfort at every turn, every time you hit the road.


Cruise in cool, high style with custom tint options, all non-reflective with a neutral yet sleek appearance. Evolve is available in six shades and offers powerful protection against ultraviolet rays that can harm skin and damage interiors. Other premium benefits include a break for the A/C on the hottest of days, added safety and no signal interference.


Evolve comes with 99% UV Ray Protection, up to 65% Solar Rejection, up to 95% Infrared Protection, and Lifetime Warranty. It's the highest performing Window Tint in Canada.

- Evolve is the newest stage in tint evolution. This tint is New to Canada, and it provides the highest performance of any tint available. This ceramic window tint is a Full Ceramic Window Tint as well, meaning, no blends, no cheaping out, Full Ceramic with insane solar energy rejection.

- Shades of 5%, 15%, 20%, 30%, 50% and 70% are available. The numbers represent how much light goes through each film, meaning the lower the number, the darker the Window Tint.

- All Window Tints are pre-cut in house by a Plotter and PC. This means that I have Tint software that has 99% of all vehicles on the market, and with my Plotter, the Window Tint gets cut out, meaning Window Tint is not cut on the car.

Image by Dhiva Krishna

Launch Our Window Tint Vehicle Viewer

See SunTek® window tint and paint protection film (PPF) on your vehicle. Select a vehicle category, determine the coverage area, specify your product, then preview how our film products could look, before you purchase.

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