- Basic Coverage - 

Hood Strip & Fender Tips

Pricing varies based on vehicle and amount of coverage.

  • 18" of Coverage - $200+

  • 24" of Coverage - $250+

- Premium Coverage -

Hood Strip, Fender & Bumper

Pricing varies based on vehicle and amount of coverage.

  • 18" Hood/Fenders, Bumper  - $700+

  • 24" Hood/Fenders, Bumper  - $750+

- Premium XL Coverage -

Full Hood, Full Fenders & Bumper

Pricing varies based on vehicle and amount of coverage.

  • $1300+

- Additional Coverage -

Mirrors, Door Edges, Door Cups, Trunk Lip, Roof and A-Pillars, etc

Pricing varies based on vehicle and amount of coverage.

  • Mirrors - $80+

  • Headlights - $100

  • Trunk Lip - $60+

  • A-Pillars and Roof Strip - $100+

  • Door Edges - $50

  • Door Handle Cups - $50

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PPF-C Series:

Hard-working defense against road wear.

Both SunTek® Paint Protection Film C and M provide a strong, reliable layer of protection that helps defend against major enemies of pristine paint: rocks, salt, insects and road debris. Choose nearly invisible high gloss armor or a striking matte finish.

The top coat offers added protection with the power to self-heal using heat from the sun or an engine. This makes Paint Protection Film C and M excellent upgrades to help protect automotive paint. 

We stand behind SunTek PPF C and SunTek PPF M with a 5-year limited warranty, and pair both with our exclusive Core Paint Protection Film pattern software to help ensure an ideal fit and smooth installation. 

PPF-C Benefits:

  • Stain Resistance

    Both Paint Protection Film C and M help protect paint against yellowing and stains from dirt, oil, tar and bugs.


  • Impressive Endurance

    Automotive finishes stay fresh and flawless longer with a Paint Protection Film which helps shield against damage from rocks, salt and other debris. 


  • Self-Healing

    Repairing scratches is almost effortless; film self-heals using heat from a vehicle's engine or the sun.


  • Great Looks

    Paint Protection Film C is optically clear and Paint Protection Film M has a matte finish.


  • 5-Year Limited Warranty

    The manufacturer warrants professionally sold and applied SunTek® PPF Clear and PPF Matte against cracking, bubbling or yellowing for a period of five years from the date of purchase of the Product. Other restrictions apply; contact a SunTek dealer or a customer service representative for details.


  • Installation

    SunTek dealers have access to our Core pattern-cutting software to help ensure the film is trimmed to tightly hug the curves of a vehicle's year, make and model.


Learn more about coverage options with our Paint Protection Film Viewer

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