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Window Tinting

Whether it's for the dealerships, or for individuals, TAI'S provides top quality work on all vehicles that come into the shop. Our goal is not speed, it's about quality. Even with a clean shop and a clean car, sometimes a tint job comes out looking messy, however at TAI'S the time and effort is taken to ensure a clean installation. Your satisfaction means the world to us.

When it comes to quality, TAI'S chooses only the best window tint on the market, SunTek Window Film. SunTek Window Film is manufactured in the United States with 2 main goals in mind, UV protection and heat rejection.

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Window tint adds privacy, meaning you won't have to worry about people staring at you, or if you have one, your young daughter. It reduces glare and brightness, you won't even need sunglasses unless the sun is directly in your eyes. It provides 99% UV A and B protection, which protects your upholstery, and your skin. Asides from increased style and appearance, it provides heat rejection, meaning your car will be cooler and less humid. Lastly, the tint is applied to the windows, if the glass were to break, the tint wouldn't break, it would hold the glass in place. If an unfortunate accident or break-in were to occur, you can be sure there will be a lot less shattered glass.

Advantage Over Competition

At TAI'S we choose top quality window tint, rather than buying a bulk of chinese made tint. Eastman Company has local vendors, meaning i don't have to order things in and wait a week for them to come in, instead I can pick up tint in the morning before heading to work, this way I can ensure there's tint in stock.

I provide different tinting options for you to choose from, I use a line of tints from SunTek Films, which is an Eastman Company product. The two lines of tint I use from them are: Carbon and CIR Ceramic.

Carbon is a top of the line window tint made with carbon technology, and CIR Ceramic offers everything Carbon provides, however it provides 65% heat rejection, which is 25% more than Carbon, as well as it also provides 60% infrared protection. Infrared protection is pretty much radiation protection, something you can only find in Ceramic window tints.

The biggest advantage over the competiton, is that I do all the tinting myself. Your vehicle is not driven elsewhere to be tinted, a window tinter doesn't come to my shop to do the tints, there is no outsourcing. You are getting your tinting done by the owner, me.


SunTek Carbon is backed by a lifetime warranty against fading, peeling and bubbling.

SunTek Carbon Ceramic is backed by a lifetime warranty against fading, peeling and bubbling.

Shades To Choose From

There are three basic shades of tint to choose from, 35%, 18/20% and 5%. In order for your window tint to be legal, the driver needs to be seen. Meaning the darkest you can go in the front is 18/20%, however if you are uncomfortable with that darkness in the front, your best option is to go with 35% in the front. In the rear you can go as dark as you want to go. So go ahead and choose between 35%, 18/20% or 5% in the rear of your vehicle.





Two Front Windows

  • SunTek Carbon - $100

  • SunTek Ceramic - $150

Windshield Visor Strip


  • SunTek Carbon - $60

  • SunTek Ceramic - $80



  • SunTek Carbon - $60

  • SunTek Ceramic - $80



  • SunTek Carbon - $250

  • SunTek Ceramic - $350



  • SunTek Carbon - $280

  • SunTek Ceramic - $380

Tint Removal

  • Rollup Window - $20

  • Rear Window - $100

  • Full Vehicle - $150

Paint Protection Film - SunTek PPF Ultra (10 Year Warranty)


  • Hood Strip & Fenders - $300

  • Headlights - $100

  • Mirrors - $100

  • Door Cups (2) - $30

  • Door Edges (2) - $50

  • Trunk Lip Strip - $50